Jacques Beneich’s Artwork bridges old and new with day-glow fun

« Beyond technics, color, light, what I’m truly interested in is the relationship that photography creates with a model, the place he or she will take in the image, the way the photograph will tell a story : their story.»

Jacques Beneich’s artwork is made of all these stories he was able to capture through an exceptional talent for elegance, generosity, and respect of the people he works with. He loves them and his artwork is the reflection of this long love story. It all started in the 80s in New-York where Jacques Beneich experienced his passion for music, travels, Harley Davidson and moreover : encounters. Introduced to the world of fashion and beauty by the great fashion photographer Jacques Malignon whom he worked with as an assistant, his career took off where he continued to put his own vision to print for magazines, advertising works or lifestyle campaigns, together with films, TV commercials and videos where he merged his talent and love for beauty, art, portraits, and life.


Jacques Beneich, A Work of Light

« Light is magic and it is the link into and from the models I work with. Photography is about revealing a world that you recreate through an image : the model is the corner stone of that world and the photographer is the magician that makes it happen. Whatever the photograph will show depends on what the model shows or reveals. If you do not have that magic light, your photograph will not show much... it is an adventure”.

While working as a fashion photographer with the most well known magazines and companies, Jacques Beneich started working as a portraitist. In 1989 he signed one of the most famous series of portraits of some of the greatest jazz and blues musicians including Miles Davies, Fats Domino, James Brown, Dizzy Gillespie and many more. This acclaimed series was the beginning of a long time work with celebrities who trusted him for his skills, respect, love of beauty and humanity. Jacques Beneich has photographed some of the most popular and famous people, always revealing something different out of them, making his work so special.


Jacques Beneich, A Work of Time

Since 1990, Jacques Beneich has exhibited with the International Festival of Fashion Photography where he has also animated Master Classes since 2004. His artwork has extended to digital compositions developed from his photographs, into series based upon his favorites themes of music, fashion, portrait, travel, and some of his most famous pieces. Synaesthesia – Les Marquises, Ghosts Yourselves, Jazz and Top Models... , all of these Series question the essence of art and creation in its founding conflicts between youth and eternity, passing time and the fragility of beauty, transmission and heritage in a society where nothing is meant to last... In his Americas series, photographs are projected into fast-paced pixel-aesthetic multi-media creations, merging abstraction and reality into a personal vision of America. Overlaying shapes and colors with his photographs, Jacques Beneich reveals a personal and mysterious world where poetry, oneirism, and dream interact with the perception one can have of reality : these creations flesh out the phantasmagoria of Jacques Beneich’s vision. His work was featured in a solo exhibition at the Salon des Champs-Elysées in Paris in March 2016 entitled “Artwork”, and numerous other exhibitions and screenings including Paris Art Festival in Parc Monceau in May 2016, the Red Party animation show at Paris Pershing Hall, and a very special contribution to a customized motorbike for Harley Davidson. The artwork of Jacques Beneich is an ever renewed exploration of his passion for fashion photography, black and white movies, and music, revisited with an explosion of colors as a tribute to life.

© Jacques Beneich